Unleash your inner Caveperson

The Culinary Caveman Powders:

Welcome to The Culinary Caveman’s powders.
What are these powders all about? After years of research, it is has been found that the modern diet, dominated by processed foods, is deficient in a number of essential nutrients. These powders address this problem. With all ingredients being sourced from mineralized soils, most are also organic and raw. By using only the plants richest in the key essential nutrients as well as a whole abundance of phytonutrients - These powders could be known as neutraceuticals.
The world of plants and health at your fingertips . . . Which one is for you?

Green Gaia Goodness Powder

++A superlative powder, with excellent preventative capabilities, feeding the immune system, as well as balancing hormone production and all bodily systems. A true all rounder.

Vegan Vitality Powder

With the surge in veganism in the last year the Culinary Caveman has identified the nutrients most frequently deficient from this diet. This powder not only addresses this, it delivers a bursting nutrient package feeding the entire human organism. Whether you are a vegan or not, this powder excels on every level and offers a simple route to homeostasis.

Purple Purifier Powder

A powder formulated to cleanse and energise. Beetroot and blackcurrant aid red blood production, cleanse arteries and all the organs it passes through. This one gives energy as well as cleaning the blood and organs, whilst feeding the immune system and much more. A true tonic.

Day and Night Powder

A fabulously healthy powder, with the ability to give you the energy to get through the day, whilst aiding the production of hormones to help you feel happy all day, as well as promoting sleep at night.

Sensational Seeds Plus Powder

Seeds are amazing powerhouses of energy and nutrients. Sensational Seeds + was formulated because the vast majority of the public are deficient in so many of the minerals and vitamins found in abundance in this powder, which needs to be eaten everyday, by everyone. Much more than just seeds, as one should expect from the Culinary Caveman. Sourced from mineralized soils, fresh, chemical-free, hand-blended and balanced to help Unlock the true power of Gaia.

Super Power Powder

The simplest, understated description of this powder would be as a pre-exercise powder, although its ingredients are aimed at the whole body providing an holistic approach to physical and mental agility.

Post Exercise Protein Powder

A lot more than just a protein powder, this jar contains the best pure vegan protein, formulated so as to maximize the usefulness of this protein, maximizing the potential for muscle repair and building. Nothing else on the market comes even close. The results can be experienced almost immediately, depending on the intensity of the exercise and regularity. Feel the difference and unleash your inner caveperson.