Everyone knows this saying. Which goes to show that it isn’t what you know that makes the difference, it is what you do with the knowledge and information that makes the difference. The real purpose of food is to act as a carrier and a delivery system for all of the nutrients we humans need. To not only survive, but also to perform to our optimum, after well over 3 million years of evolution. There is absolutely no way Homo sapiens would ever have evolved, if fed on the average diet of today. No-way whatsoever.

The vast majority of people today are malnourished, deriving over 80% of the calorific content of their diet from any number of intricate combinations of the processed 6 Deadly Whites – White Flour, White Sugar, Milk, Fats/Oils, Salt and White Rice. If you are indeed, what you eat, then why all the confusion and ill health? Why is food, our only source of nutrition (and clearly a present attrition), rarely blamed for the onset of a Disease of Civilization? This term ‘Disease of Civilization’ includes most cancers, heart diseases, diabetes, depression, genetic faults, autoimmune diseases, dementia, delinquency and dysfunctionality, from ADD to Alzheimer’s. All are diseases of civilization. An illness caused by the human organism being at dis-ease with civilization. Nutrition, by way of food and diet is rarely, if ever, offered as an answer for the alleviation of any of the symptoms of a disease of civilization. It is most definitely never put forward as a possible cure or cause; at least not by the established medical industry. Although lifestyle is often loosely blamed for so many of the diseases of civilization, it is never made very clear what the problem is and how to remediate it. Lifestyle must include employment, social life, exercise, pollutants and diet.

The general confusion and ignorance about nutrition and health today, has been deliberately manipulated. The bombardment of misinformation has been relentless, via advertising, television, product placement, marketing manipulation, psychological bullets and endorsements. There is little chance today of separating the truth from the marketing speak. This continual propaganda has seeped into the consciousness, with this brainwashing eventually being seen as some form of knowledge and cultural truth. This ‘truth’ has been the result of 60-years plus of not only self-regulating industries, but also extensive lobbying. Billions of £s and $s have been spent on getting legislation written to favour the interests of the lobbyists and to monopolise and protect the market share for their clients, the multinational food and pharmaceutical corporations (as well as all the other industrial sectors, all of whom use lobbying extensively). The truth has been stretched and pulled from pillar to post, so many times that most people don’t even recognize the truth anymore.

As a cultural font of knowledge, we have nothing to show with regards food. The majority of modern food is an example of what not to eat. Not much is known of the truth about food, with nearly all that is commonly known being highly questionable, if not simply incorrect. Most alleged knowledge is actually the result of a marketing scheme by industry, heavily influenced by the meddlings of the various dairy, milk and meat agencies and advisory boards. Their only interest has been to maximise profits. Their interests have nothing whatsoever to do with the welfare, safety, health or interest of the consumer. The public have been lulled into a false sense of security, where it is assumed only our best interests are served and anything that may be harmful, poisonous or detrimental is kept safely out of reach. This is sadly not at all true. The public are presently swinging on the high trapeze, fingers slipping, whilst the safety net we all assumed was there, has in reality never been there at all.

What does it take for the governments of supposed free democratic countries to listen to its people and appreciate that the current state of affairs needs to be redressed, as soon as possible? Instead the governments continue to only listen to the representatives of big businesses, listening only to industry paid for pseudo-scientific research, ignoring even clear-cut scientific proof of the detrimental effects of diet for instance. The governments are only doing what the word ‘government’ means and that’s to govern your mental state, your mind. The fact that MPs, Senators, etc. flit from business executive back to government is not seen as a conflict of interests, it is merely a coincidence and a quirk of the business world. Clearly, the politicians and industrialists are all in-bed-together. It’s all sick to the core and sadly applicable to almost every facet of the make–up of our present civilization and cultural life. These diseases of civilization are simply a manifestation of our unease, our dis-ease with the cultural existence that has been forced upon us by the underhand coercion of the money-lenders and makers. Economy also needs to be returned to the true definition of the word, that being oikonomia, from the Greek meaning ‘good household management’. The evidence is all around us of the deleterious effects of this hijacking of the word ‘economics’ by the money-lenders. We need to return to the true meaning of economy if there is to be any future, for not just ourselves, but also our children, their children and every other living organism on this fantastical ball of rock hurtling through space, presently toward oblivion. The answer is truly as simple, as it being what we eat. The Culinary Caveman has hitchhiked through time and space to deliver this message. It’s time to wake-up, unleash your inner-caveperson and join the (r)evolution.