The Culinary Caveman Powders

Because the average diet of the urbanized population is deficient in a number of minerals and vitamins, these powders have been specifically formulated and balanced, to rectify this deficiency. The selected ingredients are those with the best nutritious content of all plants from the plant world. All the ingredients are sourced from farms with only the best mineralized soils from around the world. Or if it can be easily grown in England we grow it ourselves on our own bio-diverse allotment (such as peppermint, comfrey and nettles). Most of the ingredients are organic, those that aren’t are still free from hazardous agricultural chemicals.
The mission statement for the Culinary Caveman powders is straight-forward – it is to re-mineralize the human organism. The only way to do this is via diet. These powders are a simple solution. Although it must be stressed, that if your present diet is erroneous, it will be obligatory to change this diet to really help prevent the onset of a disease of civilization, achieve a remission or even promote a cure of one.
These powders are the best start to any change, as the re-mineralization will reconnect the brain and the whole organism with the DNA. The powders will re-balance the human organism, helping to achieve what is known as homeostasis. Re-mineralization also allows for a reactivation of the DNA, awakening the direct route to our ancestors. Timeless health as dictated by evolution.
Unleash your inner-caveperson and join the (r)evolution.

The taste of these powders echoes with a resounding, harmonious truth, straight from the depths of time.




One thought on “The Culinary Caveman Powders

  1. Sandra

    Working in the therapy and wellness world for many years and personally taking superfoods and supplements for many years, the Culinary Caveman powders are a fantastic find. Where it would normally take 15 different pots, these powders deliver it all in one! The quality, potency and freshness is really noticeable and outstanding. Wonderful company, wonderful products!

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