Portal of connectivity

In no particular order (as they are all equally wonderful) . . .
richard maybe – Author of Food For Free, Nature Cure and a lovely bloke
earth ways – Nature’s herbal first aid kit
mamas health – Got a problem? Ask Mama, a resource for health and wellbeing
our planet – Loads of info and reports about the environment and climate
chemical industry archives – Lifting the lid on the chemical industry, the pollution and dangers
aspartame – Dr Monte focuses on aspartame and its deadly dangers
killer coke – The murky world of Coca-Cola
safe cosmetics – Campaign for safe cosmetics
organic consumers – Promoting organic foods and campaigning against Monsanto and GMO with factual essays
viva – Campaigning for a vegan and vegetarian world, spilling the beans on the meat industry
mental health – Resource site from the Mental Health Foundation
theodora – Indepth resource for all pharmaceutical drugs and natural ones
all countries – In conjunction with theodora, 20 million resource pages about everything from everywhere
nation master – Huge resource of stats about every country
worldometers – A whole world of meters on a plethora of topics
wikipedia – Needing no introduction, it would be rude not to throw it some respect
britannica – Encyclopedia Britannica, enough said
FOA – Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, full of info and stats
down with basics – Helping you to live consciously
self sufficientish – An urban guide to becoming self sufficient ‘ish’
infinity foods – wholefood cooperative and fellow Brightonians
nutrition data – One-stop for all nutritional data on thousands of foods, excellent resource
mealographer – Keep track of the nutrition of your daily diet
sovereignty – Alaistair McConnachie’s brilliant website on a wide range of articles from agriculture, culture and democracy
cracked – A light hearted look at a diverse mix of interesting lists
japanese pop songs – Makers of cool films like Idiot Cycle, Cancer and The World According to Homophobes